After Sales support & Flexiload Software Solution

All Kinds Of Flexiload bkash Software & hardware support Solution.

hand image Automatic port detection

hand image Recharge/Load SIM PIN save option

hand image 99.99% Confirmation report with transaction id

hand image Server/Admin/Reseller 6,5,4,3,2,1 option

hand image Sim operator, network strength, network avalablity checker

hand image Load Sim/Recharge Sim Balance checking option

hand image Sim Version free, You can use any version Load/Recharge SIM

hand image Daily, Monthly basics Sales report

hand image 24/7 Live chat support

hand image Wavecom 8 port/16 port/32 port support

hand image Vodafone modem support

hand image Mobidata modem support

hand image SMS Flexiload System

hand image SMS outgoing option & use any sim as sms sender number

hand image SMS incoming & outgoing sim balance checking option

hand image SMS incoming & outgoing sim number detection option