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Auto Flexiload Software | Flexiload Server Complete billing solution for reseller & adminstrator.Instant flexi recharge with your own server.Easy to Use Simple & graphical Interface, Fast Loading, Faster user creation ,login protection.Income/Transaction Logs & Statistical Reports& updating for more payment gateway.Instant messaging system.Internal messagaing solution.You can sell api. So that other client can do flexiload using your flexiload software.


Billing - Complete billing solution for reseller & adminstrator.

Automation - Instant flexi recharge with your own server.

Easy to Use - Simple & graphical Interface, Fast Loading, Faster user creation ,login protection.


Transactions - Supported direct payment, Income/Transaction Logs & Statistical Reports& updating for more payment gateway

Support -Instant messaging system.Internal messaging solution

Easy Billing -(Mobile & PC)

others -Group Flexi Available. Notice Board.


Authentication - Google 2 factor authentication.

SSL - SSL incepted.(optional)

IP Block - IP table block manager.

Customizable - fail users /success users history.

Access - system log checker.

Security - hacker tracker (server).

Automatic BD Flexiload

Automatic flexi load is a very smart & most popular system. Everybody wants to save his time. Automatic flexi load system save your valuable time by many number recharging in a moment. It will be very attractive to you & more profitable of your business. You could be able to recharge a large countable of mobile number at a time.

Freedom In Setup

We provide you a very dedicated & friendly usable automatic flexi load system server. Now here you can customize your website as your wish & need. Now a great highly configured your system. You get full freedom setup system on your server. You will be really glad to use our provided system.

Banking API System

Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of routine definitions, protocols, and tools for building software & application. Our API may be for a web-based system, operating system, database system, computer, hardware, or software library for auto Bank ( PIN / Bank Account ) transfer.

Automatic bKash IN/OUT

You can also access your bKash, DBBL, Mobicash etc. types of mobile banking here. Cash In/Out will be automated accessible. Your accurate statement gets here. You can transaction mobile banking in Bangladesh & abroad the others countries.

Single Device Security

Single device security is just a pen drive where the protection generated. Anybody could not open your system without connect that pen drive. Even you also have to open your system by connecting to the computer this pen drive other ways not working the server. So now your security is only in your pocket.

6 Level Access Panel

The main service provided by this web application lavel 5(server), lavel 4(Admin), lavel 3(Agent), lavel 2(Reseller), lavel 1(Member) , lavel 6(Manage).

Free SMS Gateway

Turn your Personal Computer Or Android phone into a SMS Gateway Send and receive messages programmatically through your phone using API service.

International Recharge

International Recharge for mobiles. Send top up to cell phones back home. Fast, instant & secure. Recharge online & safe payment..

Multiple Currency

Multi-currency pricing service which allows businesses to price Recharge services in a variety of foreign currencies.