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Our powerful Auto Flexiload Topup Mobile recharge Billing Software Server provide advanced security module's with technology for bKash, DBBL mobile banking system in Bangladesh.We have always been upgrading advanced systems for our clients and we continue to aim to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

Spacial Note:

We sell the Auto Flexiload Bkash software only for Lawfully authorize person. If you don't have any Government issued business documents so please don't call or Contact with us.    We also develop the source code or sales the source code for those person who want to make business with their own server or want to make a business with this software You are most welcome

Customers Comments
  • Mc Topup Say's-
    I have taken the newly developed e Flexiload software from Auto Flexiload software.Now its working fast and faster..Now we are giving upto 2.75% comission to our first 100 Client.

    Alam Brothers Say's-
    Auto Flexiload system is working properly and i am enjoying there Auto Flexiload Billing & software.

    16 telecom Say's-
    I've bought Billing from this company. There support was excellent.Though i have taken Auto bkash software from other company but now i am moving to Flexiload software from Auto-Flexiload -software.com

Why Choose us
  • Client - More than 200+ satisfy client that have taken Billing from us.Now moving to our Flexiload software
  • R&D Section - Have R&D section to develop the Flexiload software & the Billing
  • Update - We do update your site & software upon customer requirement
  • Flexible API - Our API may be for a web-based system, operating system, database system, computer, hardware, or software library for Auto Bank ( PIN / Bank Account ) transfer.
  • Bkash IN/OUT - Cash In/Out will be Automated accessible. Your accurate statement gets here. You can transaction mobile banking in Bangladesh & abroad the others countries.

Video: How we confirm you Flexiload software server security. Get Free Demo Of Flexiload Software Demo1 Or Demo2